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This is Blockchain of Contents(BoC) for Chapter#1. Follow the blocks to read all sub-chapters in chronological order. Chapter#1 largely consists of monetary history and emphasizes on how mankind falls a prey to the same tactic of deception every half a century.

This is Blockchain of Contents(BoC) for Chapter#2. Chapter#2 is the logical explanation of why Bitcoin badly fails to qualify all major characteristics of money and is nothing more than just worthless computer bits sold to non-techy investors as digital gold.

With over 50+ reasons to prove if Darknet is the door to hell then Bitcoin is its key.

This is Table of Contents(ToC) for Chapter#1. Over 60,000 words of shocking information and three years of unbiased research to prove Bitcoin as the greatest scam in the history of mankind after free floating fiat currencies.

This is Table of Contents(ToC) for Chapter#2 of our unbiased research to prove Bitcoin is scam and fraud. Contains shocking revelations and is based on 3 years of data collection and analysis.

Cryptos Trashed

Would you like to see what a single bird can do? See the impact of this research within 2 months:

Over $67,000 worth of cryptocurrencies have been successfully trashed by former crypto-users who contacted us after reading this research and expressed their desire to get rid of this ocean of greed.

Today they can proudly tell their coming generation, that they opt-out from becoming crypto test dummies and from becoming play-objects of the vicious rich elite for their cashless society agenda.


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About Us

Digital identities and a cashless monetary system backed by trust in thin air, is nothing but a gradual move towards "Absolute State Domination" and "Absolute Financial Enslavement".

Blockchain technology is a blessing if applied to anything but cryptocurrencies. Nothing has harmed mankind more than a bogus fiat economic system. This world is being fooled once again by the same tactic of deception (Problem, Reaction, Solution), played every half a century by the same vicious rich elite dynasties of bankers.

Peace on earth is impossible to be achieved, unless the world embraces a transparent monetary system be it paper or electronic currencies as long as it is backed "only" by "audited gold reserves" i.e Classical Gold Standard.

After thoroughly reading this research, you will also discover far secure options of investment and a lot more knowledge regarding cryptology and origins of money dating back to Hitler’s Nazi Germany (WWII, 1939 to 1945), World War I (1914 to 1918), and 9000 BC, but if you are a bitcoin user and you intentionally skip reading it in detail, then greed and ignorance leads one to nothing but self-destruction.

Who am I?

Just a bird.

Become a Bird

In this struggle of truth vs. falsehood, my role is that of a bird, with a drop of water in its mouth and trying its level best to extinguish a blazing fire that will economically destroy every living soul on earth. Will I suceed or not, matters the least. Did I at least try, is what that matters more.

No one is more crueler than the one who attains silence to injustice by choice. Stop this monetary corporate scam with your hands if you can, stop it with your tongue if you can or at least condemn it in your heart if you are that weak.

Educate your youngsters against this new monetary scam and protect them from becoming crypto test dummies and objects of greed.

Become a new bird, by sharing this research with those, that matter to you. Check the list of all those lively souls who care for their future generation by clicking here → HALL OF BIRDS